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Celebrating Thirty Years





Postcards from the Past

Thirty years ago the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development was formed to create economic alternatives that make a difference to people and places in eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia.

While MACED has engaged in a wide variety of work, there has been a consistent commitment to core strategies. MACED invests in entrepreneurs and gives them tools to succeed. MACED demonstrates ways to develop the region’s economy while preserving and improving environmental assets. MACED seeks and shares information to shape public discussion and influence public policy.

These strategies do not tell the entire story. Thirty years of building relationships in Appalachia have revealed a community of people who defy the stereotypes. They are resourceful, grounded and substantial and their struggles are relevant to the larger nation as we balance the need to strengthen the economy with the need to respect the environment, to insist on living wages and to create opportunity for residents to achieve their dreams.

In celebration of these values MACED is proud to present:

Voices—Reflections of peoples’ diverse experiences that make up the Appalachia of today and tomorrow.    

Standing on the Mountain Journal—Literary expressions of the importance and meaning of Appalachian Kentucky in the words of Appalachian authors.  

Postcards From the Past—Images of the highlights of MACED’s work over the years.

These voices, writings and art celebrate 30 years of working toward stronger and more vibrant communities in eastern Kentucky and central Appalachia.


Lora Jane Hyden’s love of the performing arts propelled her successful small business in Paintsville, Kentucky. For more about Lora Jane, click here.
This couple has acquired an education against incredible odds. But where will they work? For more information about Rosanna and Omer, click here.
Growing up in Michigan in a family disposed by the declining coal employment in Pike County, Darrell Maynard came back to his roots to build a unique telecommunications business. For more information about Darrell Maynard, click here.
For 12 years this coal mine electrician turned politician pushed the county he led to honor the value of people’s work and the place where they lived. To learn more about Carroll Smith and Letcher County, click here.


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