About the Handbook

The Kentucky Forest Landowner's Handbook is aimed at helping people like you, private forest landowners, to better understand and manage your valuable resource. With proper management, your forest can provide many benefits for your family for generations to come. By using the handbook, you are taking an important first step; one that will pay off in the long-term value of your forest.

There are many resources available to assist Kentucky's private landowners and help carry out management plans. These resources will be most effective if first you take the time to better understand your forest and have clear goals and objectives for its management. This handbook will provide you with the information and tools to do just that.

The premise of this handbook is that your goal is a well-managed forest. It will show you how to best match your needs, goals and objectives with management strategies that can help you reach that goal.

In general, there are three critical points when the decisions you make do the most to determine the long-term value and health of your forest:

  1. When you decide how to manage your land (now is a good time);
  2. When you decide if and how to carry out forestry activities; and
  3. When you make decisions regarding the future inheritance or sale of the land.

This handbook is designed for landowners interested in maintaining or increasing their forest's value for the long-term. It is possible to have this goal and to manage your forest to provide income. All too often, these are seen as conflicting goals, but with proper planning your forest can provide income and provide many wildlife and recreational benefits for your family forever.



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