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bogie electric—renewable energy provides new income opportunities for electrician


November 2010


Bogie Electric

Like many small businesses, Bogie Electric has been struggling recently. The Madison County, Kentucky business was founded by master electrician Jerry Bogie 12 years ago. “Last winter was terrible—the worst economic situation I’ve encountered since I’ve been in the business,” Jerry says. “It’s better now, but I still don’t have a lot of confidence in the work flow. I’m hoping solar and other renewable energy installations will help fill the gaps.”


A key part of MACED’s Energy Efficient Enterprises project, which works to promote energy efficiency among enterprises in eastern Kentucky, is helping building contractors add new energy services to their business repertoire. Mr. Bogie recently sought Energy Specialist Josh Bill’s help to learn more about off-grid renewable energy systems and to get ideas for promoting his solar installation work. In addition, MACED provided scholarships for Jerry to attend workshops on sustainable energy hosted by Kentucky Solar Partnership and Appalachian Science in the Public Interest, which MACED co-sponsored. The training hours will help with the National Accredited Board Certified Energy Practitioners exam for solar photovoltaics, which Jerry intends to take next spring.


“I really appreciate not to have to travel out of state for these trainings,” Jerry says. “I’m not aware of any other trainings like these for people who want to get their foot in the door on system installations. It’s been wonderful for helping establish a renewable energy industry in Kentucky. If solar energy breaks loose like I think it will, people will be requesting installation services from contractors operating in Kentucky instead of seeking help from out-of-state installers. In fact, that’s already starting to happen.”


“I think it’s time for renewable energy to come to the forefront,” he continues. “There’s a real possibility for a large new market in renewable energy electric installations. For anyone who wants to expand their electrical contracting business, the opportunities in renewable energy are incredible.”





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Visit www.maced.org/E3 to learn about upcoming training opportunities for contractors and to access the energy audit equipment library.